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Prestige - Leading-edge Precision, quality and Craftmanship

Prestige was founded in 1974 with a passion for horse riding and everything to do with it. Particular importance was laid on the morphological features of the different equine breeds and on the needs of riders for comfort and balance. Over time the business aquired greater technical knowledge establishing their longlasting presence in the saddle-making world market. Their philosophy is the idea that a saddle is the main means of securing contact between horse and rider, are also the best solution for satisfying the needs of both.


Prestige's idea – that the saddle must be developed from a contemporary tree design, characterised by the utmost flexibility, intended to distribute the weight of the rider uniformly over the horse’s back, and able to adapt to different morphologies was transformed into a business. The knowledge gained from testing in partnership with a team of riding professionals and enthusiasts was encorporated into the saddles by utilising the highest quality hides of Europe and enhanced by thorough craftmanship.  


The business is a “Made in Italy” success story, as confirmed by the major horse-riding champions who always opt for the precision and techniques of Prestige saddles.


World champion riders who choose Prestige include: Paul Hayler, Emma Blundell, Michel Robert, Nicole Pavitt, Clarke Johnstone and many more.

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