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Equipe - Tradition Encounters Innovation

Equipe has already established itself as a ‘must have’ brand for both retailers and customers alike –always introducing new and unique ideas to the UK market. They have a vast range of saddles, bridles and leather work, using only the finest materials and utilising the latest technology. Coupled with feedback from veterinary experts and top international riders, the collection strives to satisfy the requirements of riders of all levels from a technical point, with the focus on the comfort and well-being of the horse.


Equipe is a brand that leads the way in equestrian products. In September 2011 they launched their new show jumping saddle, the EK-26 which is part of a new E-Carbon line. This particular saddle is incredibly lightweight made from Carbon Fibre and the height of nano technology.


Top international riders who choose Equipe include: Paul Simms, Ben Maher, Blyth Tait, Charlotte Dujardin, Hannah Bate, Laura Renwick, Peter Storr, Kelly & Emilly Ward, Izzy Taylor, Emily King and Phobe Peters.



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